v-day on the streets

Hi there!!
if you’re reading this, you might have been one of the lucky (or not so lucky) winners who got to meet and hear us on valentine’s day somewhere along orchard rd. here are some snapshots of our trip… do drop us a comment to say hi!!

cove red on mission, 14th feb 2009. destination: orchard
we handed out chocs, little notes and a song or two to spread the love!

our first unsuspecting group of listeners.. whom we entertained with i’ll be there for you (from the sitcom “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”) in front of the MDIS building..

here’s a really unsuccessful vid clip (that was a phototaking attempt)..

before 12, there weren’t very many pple on the streets. plus it started drizzling *frown*.

waiting for the traffic light; headed to the skate park

on our way, there were some girls from jamiyah children’s home with flag day tins.. we donated plus gave them chocs.. good deal for them, haha. we ended up playing for 4 of them: time after time, on the side of me (corrinne may), i’m yours (mraz)- which we didn’t know half the lyrics to!
sadly, after the 2nd group we had to leave orchard to attend to our other various responsibilities..

.. but we were soooo psyched by the morning’s experience that we decided to do it again late at night.. after rach’s gig and my friend’s wedding dinner! here’s our first group outside tangs. we treated them to a less-than-techno version of unusual you (britney).

second group chillin’ at one of those little nooks outside ngee ann city.. we serenaded them with on the side of me.

i’ll be there for you for this fun + wacky girl-group :) they were already taking pics anyway..

our most on group who bartered our chocs for their chips ahoy and 7up..

we did unusual you and true colours i think.. and the ever-popular request i’m yours (mraz)- which we still didn’t know half the lyrics to..
note to self for future such missions: learn top40! or at least top5..

and best of all.. imran impressed us with oasis’ wonderwall. left-handed! while we hung out.

this was our last group.. by then it was prolly 0030hrs. it was a nice quiet group :p so we could sing something like gravity by sara bareilles.

*change pose* it was the most diverse group of the day.. who claimed they had “complicated” friendship origins :]

us and my new guitar stripey. tired but psyched and more than satisfied at the end of the day…
we got ‘rejected’ by two more groups at the end, which was weird because it hadn’t happened the whole day.. haha. anyway we had run out of chocs etc. so we took it as a sign to call it a night..

this was probably the funnest + most meaningful vday i’ve ever had.. thanks to all you friendly people out there on orchard road!! i got to meet and talk to people i wouldn’t normally hangout with on a regular basis, while doing one of my fav things in the world (music), in my fav place in singapore (orchard), and spreading the lurrrve to people (who probably thought we were nuts).

watch out- we’ll be back!

yinky of Cove Red


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