*scape prep

or is it “scape*”?

anywayy. rach has been invited to perform at the scape building (youth park, opp orchard cineleisure) this coming sat. i am ever so honored to be her partner-in-crime and incredibly psyched to play at orchard.. it’s like my fav part of singapore. hands down.

we pracd at starbucks united sq just now.. it takes like 3-4 hrs to figure out one song leh.. such terribly hard work.. i’ve never had to prac guitar so hard in my life.. honestly.. never before have i been pressed to acquire such fingerwork skill and control of this instrument.. the fretboard still confuses me (capo makes it even more confusing) n intervals on the violin are tons easier..
i’ve stagnated for years (why do u need to improve if all u are really ‘required’ to play every sunday is 6 chords in 5 keys [with tons of overlap.. being a math grad i shld prolly know how to work that out systematically but i shan’t try]?).
public gigs are a good thing. a real good thing.

i have yet to learn (it’s prolly somewhere on youtube) how to play jazz organ style on keys (which i totally faked during the espl gig episode).. and i guess bluegrass violin.

see you at *scape, or scape*, or *scape*…
<3 red


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