compassion meeting aftermath

if my mac doesn’t hang (as it’s been in the habit of doing recently), i’ll manage to post this…
3rd humanists’ meeting today.. we think the performance went much better than the previous time we were here.. a few more ppl said they enjoyed it n we sound gd together, which is awesome.. :) think it was abit long tho. think 4 songs wldve been gd..

enjoyed the company. honestly i dunno if i got anything out of the ‘panel’.. we didn’t seem to be getting anywhere… but the video was fine.. but yeah. i really liked meeting ppl that are vastly different from ppl i usually hang around.. our new friend dan came up with like 50 diff concerns/qns/criticisms about Christianity n we were tryin to like.. absorb it all in.. :] nurul was an indian muslim whose grad thesis was ‘ghost stories’.. how cool is that?? .. then we had george who shared some of his percussion stuff wth us incl. this wacky thing called a ‘thunder cube’ (i believe)..

yeah it was a fun night. i wish ppl wld look more happy n affirming when we play tho. haha. they mostly looked so bored and unenthu.

next up: ooom 5



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  1. oh. thunder tube.

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