"red lantern" auditions

tonight’s event seriously warrants a blogpost.

ranked a little lower than the sikh centre experience and humanist gatherings, :p, this was definitely one of the strangest (+ most awesome) places we’ve played at.
firstly, the place looked like.. this.
i felt like i’d stepped into one of those channel8 ancient china tv drama sets.
secondly, i knew it was gonna be held in a bar, but it didn’t really hit me till i told my aunt where i was gonna be playing today.. “i’m going to be playing in a bar… (did i say bar? oh my. a bar..wow.. what is she gonna think..)” 
it looked like a pretty placid performing space in the beginning, but once it got to like 930pm all these expatriates came trickling in, and by the time our friends soul2soul played, it was packed full of very tall, chatty, drinking men (+ a few women). 
besides, when it was their turn to play, all the guys lining the ‘aisle’ cheered for “sharon!” as she made her way through, like she was an old friend. it was pretty funny.
similarly, rach has this magnet in her that attracts strangers like kids to an icecream uncle :p (no double-meaning intended). they just seem to naturally gravitate toward her and vice-versa (i think). gibby (a loaned gibson) was a great talking point cuz alot of them just started talking abt how beautiful she (gibby.. or..) was. haha. so even before we were up on stage, she’d made like 5 friends in the audience (in all of 15 mins or so).. 
according to our sources, the audience was mesmerised (though from our p.o.v. it kinda looked the reverse, i.e. bored :) ).. and a few girls from the adjacent karaoke section came out to listen. the funniest part for me was just the incredibly enthusiastic + friendly expat crowd. and how rach was like a fish in water.. there was an extra-friendly dude who treated rach like his granddaughter or something when we came off stage.. along the lines of “i’m SO proud of you!!”, going a tad overboard.. hahaha.. she did not take to that very well. i said i was sorry for not punching him back.
she’s been wanting to play in clarke quay + i think tonight she got her wish. or at least the beginning of it.. :)
by the way, someone wished us “happy easter!” as we left! i thought that was pretty funny. nobody here (sg) ever wishes ‘happy easter’ and moreso not in a pub ;)
as for playing, my oh my. we were freakin’ nervous + shaking. made some mistakes (maybe we shld get rid of that song in our future sets..) but with good originals, it don’t matter too much. :)
please supplement, Cove.
this post has too many smilies.


  1. love your thoughts =)

    this line made me laugh inwardly. (too tired to laugh for real)

    “they just seem to naturally gravitate toward her and vice-versa (i think)”

    I’m no Barbarella, but yeah I guess I am naturally more inclined towards approaching ang-mos for some strange reason. But tonight, THEY talked to me first. SPG factor – one down!

  2. HAHAHA :)

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