Launch of "Awaken The Dreamer"

Hey guys!

It’s been quite some time since we last updated this space.

That’s because we had been rather busy with recording our unofficial debut EP: “Awaken The Dreamer” which will be released sometime in May!

The reason why it’s unofficial is because the main focus of this EP is to help me (Rach) to raise funds to go to Bethel School of Worship in Redding, California from June to July. (to know more, go to So in a way, it was kinda unplanned. For such a young band like us, we feel that we have quite some time more to go before releasing an official one which will definitely include some deep spacey tracks for sure. Watch out for it in the not-so-near future…

In the meantime, you can certainly look forward to the crisp, acoustic sound of our upcoming EP. It consists of 5 originals, including “Dreamer”, “Love & Water” and “Heart Conversations”. They are mainly songs that we’ve been performing all over the island over the past 2 months, plus one that we have never done before for the public.

As the title suggests, “Awaken The Dreamer” hopes to unlock the chambers of lost and broken dreams, and release a new wave of the bold and the beautiful.

We truly hope that this album will inspire more people to pick up from where they left off, young and old, to start building (or rebuilding) a fortress of faith that will seal the destiny hidden within each being.

Visit the website (once again, it’s and leave us some comments or encouragement etc. More details about the EP release date will be out soon! So, stay tuned!

Besides the EP, we also have been practicing hard for TWO upcoming gigs next week! One’s at Greenrich Secondary School – a 2×20 min sets for academically-challenged kids. I’m pretty excited about this because I think these kids really need a lift to know that they truly are special and they have a future brimming with possibilities ahead of them. We’ll be doing mostly a mix of our originals + songs like “On The Side of Me” , “Meant To Live” and “Fix You”. Should be cool.

Second one’s the Red Lantern Showcase at Next Page Pub. (yes, we’re in. they made a mistake haha) Those who are interested are more than welcome to pop by Next Page Pub at 17 Mohammed Sultan Road next Sat at around 10pm to catch us! We’ll be performing a mix of covers and originals (2 of Yinky’s! Yay!!) and the cool thing is, our friends, Soul2Soul will alsoul (haha) be performing that night! SO come!!! Facebook or text us for more info! I gotta warn you though, the place is pretty small. So be prepared to stand. You have been warned haha..

Till next time.

wildly thrilled,


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