Apparently, Pop too has a sacred ten! Only difference is.. it starts with the why/how/what.

We took some time out to answer some very hard questions…

Check out our very first joint interview here:


P.s I know it’s hard to switch from awakenthedreamer blog to this and vice versa.. Upon our return, we will compile it into ONE blog. thanks for ur patience though, you guys.




Got some videos of EP Launch Gig #1 up on our other blog





Eeeeppppeee Launch Gig part ONE

mind’s still kinda blank from the busy weekend, but am so pleased to say we kicked off our eepee (EP: extended play) launch gig part one pretty well last sunday! of cos, made a few boo boos here and there, but hey, that’s the fun of live gigs eh? =P so glad we didn’t do “Mistakes”.

anyway, for me, it was awesome to see familiar faces and some new ones at the gig. especially heartwarming to reconnect with ex-church mates, mentor (kevin) and fellow apprentice (nick) and lovely narisa who bought us cove red buttons (!!), our producer, gerald, nurul our photographer/designer and gang, ex-colleague who came (and paid $100 for an EP to support me.. thank you maggie!!) new friends like marco, resident kennedy, shu huai, diana etc.. and also cell mates like jo, nat and chris who were super enthusiastic in joining us in snapping fingers hah. good fun. thanks to all who made it down… really really meant a lot to us. honestly, we didn’t know what to expect, but the turnout was pretty good and we sold quite a few EPs. (and becky’s amazing postcards)

Well, an update about EP sales. we managed to sell 70 pieces during the launch (wooohoo) but reality hits hard after i did some calculations.

we still have about 400 PIECES to GO (minus a few orders) !!! And I’m leaving in 2 and a half weeks!!!!

*for those who dunno what’s going on, here’s the scoop: I’m actually raising funds to go on a pilgrimage. From June to July, I’ll be studying in a Christian ministry school (http://www.ibethel.org/schools/worship/index.php?page=26) where I’ll be honing my craft in the area of music and songwriting etc. my friend, eeleen and i have been accepted (YAY) and i need to raise at least $5500! all EP funds will be channeled towards my living expenses, school fees and accommodation etc. Besides the EP, i’m also on the lookout for potential partners to support me in this. If you’re interested in partnering with me financially, do drop me a msg on facebook/sms/email etc and i’ll keep you updated! =) also, check out http://www.awakenthedreamer.wordpress.com*

Currently, what we have earned so far is only half of our production cost. We really need to sell the EP as quickly as possible. So, besides normal sales, we’re also looking for sellers to help us out!

we have this promo going on and it’s actually pretty cool.

#1- get 10 from us first (or however many you want. just shoot) sell 9 to your friends within 2 weeks, and you’ll get the 10th for free. Besides that, you’ll get a free cafe latte from Coffee Nations Cafe at Bali Lane! Pretty cool huh?
#2 – buy 3 and get a cafe latte on the house from Coffee Nations Cafe as well!

We’ll be throwing part TWO of our EP launch gig THIS SUNDAY 31st MAY at 5.30pm at Earshot Cafe, Arts House. If you’re free, do drop by to hang out with us and check out our EP. If you can’t make it down but u’d like to get it, simply drop us an email at cove2red@gmail.com OR contact us via facebook/mobile phone. We can arrange to meet you. =)

Yup, though time is short and i have many reasons to stress out, I really don’t want to and I just wanna cling onto hope and trust that things are gonna be alright. As my south african sista, Robyn told me, “He’s got you covered”. I’m a believer. =)
But of course, friends.. i need all the help i can get, so would really appreciate some. =)

Thanks again to ALL who have helped one way or another, big and small. I appreciate your love, support and encouragement soso much. Thanks for believing in us =)

And thanks to the crew who made it all possible:
– to Matt, our percussionist who played with us last Sunday and will be again this week! can’t wait to do it all over again!
– Gerry, our sound man, and Jeanne, the WOman behind the successful man!
– Lalang, our videographer who went around interviewing and shooting the gig! =D
– Nurul, our photographer who captured the right moments with artistic flair!
– Soaps, our amazing sales personnel who couldn’t stop screaming. =P
– Becks, our other amazing sales personnel and rising star artist! =) so proud of u la.
– Eeleen, for gracing us with your presence, performing ur awesome song, and the great speech. sorry u can’t make it for the next one!

And last but not least, Yinky, thanks for being the best partner. ever. really really. when our official album comes out, u’ll get 70%. =P

love you guys..

for those who own a copy of our EP “Awaken The Dreamer”, we hope that you’ll be inspired to find your own.

dream on!
rach (“,)

what took us so long?

Cove Red FINALLY has a Myspace account.


Listen to mp3 samples of EP tracks there and add us if you have an account too! =)


Rach ;)

The Young, The Old & The In-Betweens!

Seems like Cove Red is set to conquer the young, the old, and the in-betweens! LOL

Last week, Cove Red invaded GreenRidge Secondary School, thus debuting our first of many future partnerships with ForeRunner, Campus Crusade For Christ’s music ministry where we first met while volunteering some 2 years ago!

As mentioned in the previous post, we did 2 sets of songs for those kids there. They were so cute. Before we performed, they were a rowdy bunch who couldn’t sit still and stop talking. During our sets, they kinda just mellowed down, though still fidgety, and listened to what we had to say and the songs. At one point nearing the end of the second set, I asked them if they were hungry. One boy said “yeah, we’re hungry for more songs.” Needless to say, we happily obliged and performed an extra song for them. Whoopee. =) All in all, a good gig. =)

Two days after the GreenRidge experience, we also played at Red Lantern. Met some cool people there, including an American singer-songwriter, Andie Francoeur who tickled our ears with her awesome originals. A few friends also came to support us and we were thrilled that they enjoyed our emo set. Yes. Emo. Freakin’ amazing to play emo stuff in pubs. Andie cried when we sang “Gravity”. Woot.

Next Sunday, we’ll be taking down the old folks (haha)! Soul2Soul and Cove Red will be performing at a wedding together! We were told that most of the guests are pretty … senior… so we have handpicked some senior favorites to win them over. Stuff like “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” and “True Colours” etc. =( Be all things to all men huh? Sing all songs to all kinds, I suppose. LOL…

Nonetheless, we had such an awesome time rehearsing with Soul2Soul last night! We did “L.O.V.E” and “The Way You Look Tonight” together and it sounded really good! =) Yay to collabs!

TONIGHT… we’ll be playing a few numbers at OOOM6. can’t wait!

redlantern showcase @ next page pub

iwonder which one of my fingers will sue me next.
anyway. it was fun. and 2 of my songs’ first + second public appearance respectively. in a pub. how awesome.
and exhausting.
good night.