NEW Vids!

Hey guys!

I just uploaded a bunch of videos on our youtube channel!
all of them are from our first EP launch gig on 24th May! =)
The videos take SO long to upload, so it’ll be a while more before i get to the second gig..


Anyway, I just wanna say a HUGE thanks to everyone who took time off to come down to support us at the gigs, as well as those who sent text messages, emails, facebook messages and whose presence we missed. THANK YOU..

2 weeks of gigging really wiped us out, but truly, it went awesome and I’m very very very glad to have connected with people whom I met for the very first time, like Trey-C, and new friends like Yaz, Rebecca, Shu Huai, Marco, Res Ken etc. Even my cousins and their family + an aunt came down for the second one. Amazing. It was our privilege to play for you and thank you all so so much for supporting us in buying an EP! =)

That said, we do still have stock left! (quite a few in fact) We’ll be Cove-Redding again this wed at OOOM7 and friday at Global Sounds Cafe in hope of selling more EPs! If you’re free, do come down to join us! =)

And if you’d like to get a copy or help us sell our EPs, do drop us a message. One and a half weeks more to school and it’s exhilarating and a bit scary at the same time ! But I’m confident of His providence.. =)

It’s been quite a packed month for us.. From OOOM to Red Lantern to 2 consecutive weeks of EP LAunch gigs to OOOM again and Global Sounds. Really can be pretty draining on the body and the mind, especially on the one who’s working. SO I think a month off is gonna be a good break for us both. I hope that we’ll be renewed and refreshed.. and when we come back, we’ll have more things to offer through Him who strengthens us.

Thanks for reading! Now go view the videos already and comment if you will! =)



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