And We’re Back!

Ola friends of Cove Red,

Good news to those who love us: We’re back from the US! (Yinky from holidaying and visiting family, Rach from school and a week of vacation)

It’s been an incredible 6 weeks of needed rest, learning life, catching up with loved ones for yinky, making new friends and forming family for rach, and most of all, a break from each other.
That wasn’t necessarily bad.
It was necessary.

After numerous gigs over a consecutive few months, we were burned out.
And to be honest, it wasn’t a lot of fun.
But the show had to go on, especially with the launch of our EP.
So we grit our teeth and continued gigging, and flashing our best smiles while at it.
Oh, in no way were those moments of joy fake though.
They just didn’t last very long.

So we decided to take a break from each other. And our music. And we set off for, ironically, the same country.
After about 3 weeks of non-communication with each other, one day, yinky decided to drop by the church where I was studying to visit her friend who happened to be my fellow schoolmate.
(and of course, i knew she wanted to see me too, though she didn’t spell it out. haha.)
We met up for a while over an in-n-out burger, snapped some pictures and said goodbye as she set off for her other leg of her US tour (haha)

A couple more weeks passed.
I was the first to leave the US with my friend, Eeleen.
She came back the week after my return.
We met up the next day at Coffee Bean @ Rail Mall (just this Wednesday)

The air felt different.
The joy was evident.
Excitedly, we chatted late into the night, sharing our experiences in the US, laughing, yes, actually laughing together.


So yeah, Cove Red is back and we’re better.

Take that, stupid tired bug. *bish*

Anyway, though we’ve only been back for less than 2 weeks, we already have a few gigs lined up in August and September.
Check out our facebook for more details coming your way soon.

10th August (Monday): OCF dinner gig (Overseas Christian Fellowship, our first real Christian gig)
18th September (Friday): Cove Red’s debut appearance at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
21st September (Monday): Rachael & Friends Gig (featuring Yinky too… naturally!)

So yeah, no details as yet. Will post them up soon.

Thank you to everyone who helped support us in buying our CDs, writing us notes, encouraging us with your words, most importantly, for your friendship.




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