A meet-up with Kevin Mathews revealed a delightful surprise.

Okay, a jaw-dropping shocker.

Apparently, there was this article about the sound of Singapore in “Today” newspaper on Thursday. The reporter, Chris Toh, and his team selected 44 songs that they feel represent the sound of Singapore. “Heart Conversations” got in. =)

Here’s what was written:

This emotive track by the singer-songwriter belies her relative newbie status to the scene. Watch this space.”

And here’s the link to read the full story and list of songs:—44-songs-that-define-Singapore

I’m honored, humbled and delighted.

Now, that’s ANOTHER reason to get your copy of our EP, “Awaken The Dreamer” huh? ;) We still have limited copies left and we intend to sell digital tracks online, and possibly print more EPs to sell at upcoming gigs! Simply email us or leave us a comment if you’d like to get your hands on it!

I’ll leave you with my favorite line from “Heart Convos”, as we affectionately call it.

“Oh heart, are you tired of waiting for His promises at bay. Don’t you worry about tomorrow, keep beating for today.”

Making it into the list of 44 is a fulfillment of this promise behind the lament.

For those out there wondering if it’ll ever come, it will.

We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. ;)


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  1. This is cool!!!

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