Many Firsts

After about 2 months of break, Cove Red finally surfaced again and performed our first gig at the OCF Alumni Dinner 09′.
It was a night of many firsts.

#1 – my first time wearing slippers at a gig. (they were leather, so quite presentable. I guess)
#2 – our first time playing for an audience that’s made up of a few generations from the same organization
#3 – our first time playing for an audience made up of 80% old folks (old aka 55 and above)
#4 – our first time eating dinner immediately after getting off stage
#5 – our first time receiving a love gift in front of a smiling crowd
#6 – our first time performing 99% covers (we only did one original by yinky)
#7 – yinky’s first time playing crazy cool jazzed-up versions of some pretty cheesy christian songs
#7 – my first time singing a more “free” and contemporary style to those now-not-boring christian songs
(i needed to match up to her standard. Otherwise, would’ve defeated the purpose)

All in all, a pretty “chill” night. We enjoyed ourselves playing for the crowd as they eased their hunger with an array of unhealthy grub, like fried rice, other fried stuff that I didn’t recognize, otah (grilled spiced fish cake) and fruit punch, which we happily chowed down after performing our other 2 numbers after the crowd had settled down.

It was kinda special performing the two songs that we specially chose for them. We played Yinky’s original composition, “The Generation” *which sounds awesome* and “Legacy” by Nichole Nordeman. The two songs were selected because of the common theme of leaving a legacy and living for the next generation. Especially apt for the reunion of the generations of OCFers. (Overseas Christian Fellowship) It was our privilege to play for those who have braved it all before us, the ones who are still riding on the waves today, and also for the young ones who will be creating new ones in the years to come.

Oh, and I gotta say, the room offered an amazing view of the Singapore city, mostly of the Clarke Quay and City hall area. 30 storeys. No wonder.

Thanks to Kevin, Annie and Fannie for inviting us to partner with you for this event. =)

More to come.


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