Upcoming Events

As previously mentioned, Cove Red will be performing at a few places in the month of September!

Here are the events!

Cove Red @ Raffles City Mall (outside Starbucks)
11th September (Friday)
7pm – 7.30pm

Cove Red @ Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (acoustic series)
18th September (Friday)
8.45pm – 9.30pm
10.00pm – 10.45pm

Rachael & Friends @ Esplanade Outdoor Theatre (acoustic series)
21st September (Monday)
8.45pm – 9.30pm

We’re pretty pumped to say that we’ll be having Matthew to play the djembe for us again, and Zhong Ren (Yinky’s bro) will also be joining us on the cello! We haven’t started practice yet, but I for one am really excited to hear and see how it’ll all come together.

So yeah, do come down to support us if you like!! =)

“Awaken The Dreamer” EP will also be on sale that day.

We are printing a second batch of CDs to sell, so if you’d like to purchase it, do contact us at cove2red@gmail.com.

I’ll end off with this random, but beautiful quote.

“justice is what love looks like in public”

Seize the day!


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