“A month and a half ago, I (Rach) was away in Redding, California, where I met this girl called Sarah. She’s a waitress at my favorite restaurant, IHOP (International House of Pancakes) Her jovial personality and loving heart won me over instantly, and we quickly became friends. My house mates and I invited her over to our house for supper one evening. She told us her story, which then inspired this song.

It’s our hope that you too will take away something from this simple song.”

*Thanks to Kriyn who requested for this! ;)


Verse 1:

Sarah, do you know who you are

A milky white canvas waiting to be inked

I know you’ve travelled so far

And you think you’ve already seen it all

Here’s a song to shift the way you think


Don’t let the cycle of life drag you down this jagged road

Dreams are meant to be lived

I think it’s time to get your own

Verse 2:

Sarah, do you know who you are

Have you looked in the mirror and peered through your human skin

Oh I know that’s all that you see

And you think that’s all there is to it

But gaze a lil’ deeper, you’ll find there’s so much more within


Don’t let the cycle of life drag you down this jagged road

Dreams are meant to be lived

I know it’s time to get your own

Nothing is impossible


When things get too much for you to undertake

It’s easy to despair

But wipe your troubled tears away and understand

That He believes in you

Like I do


Sarah, do you know who you are

A milky white canvas waiting to be inked

Sarah and us!

Sarah and us!


Chunk Fest Thoughts


The weather could’ve been kinder to us, but thankful are we that the rain clouds decided not to shower us with droplets of blessing during our 3.40pm gig at Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Fest!

What a day it was. Clear blue sky along with the blazing sun, which made ice-cream the perfect remedy for our scorched skin and parched tongues. Kites of all shapes and sizes, colors and designs, kissed the clouds and added ol’ school fun to the festival. Folks dressed in hippie wear (think head bands, dyed shirts, flowing tresses type) dancing to the music.. People reclining on the semi-wet grass, looking like beached whales lining the patch of emerald.

Curiously enough, Yinky spotted a sign opposite where we were that blurted “Marina COVE”. Hmm..  I also saw a girl on the train today who spotted a T-shirt with the words “Peace, Love and ?”  (the last word was covered by her bag). Love these strange little signs that cement our purpose in being there.

We were bestowed with 30 minutes to perform. We did Love & Water, Dreamer, Don’t Lose Heart, Sarah (new one) Peace, Love & Ice-cream, a Sandra Danes cover that Daniel from Ben and Jerry’s requested for us to do the night before our gig. Matt hadn’t even heard the song before the gig, but we managed to pull it off pretty nicely. yay! And of course, Taste of Life, the song we specially wrote for ChunkFest.

Due to the atrocious weather, many people took cover at the back of the Marina Barrage rooftop which was REALLY far away from the stage. The only faithful ones who braved the furnace were Kevin, friends like Vanessa, Denise, Jocelyn, Francis, Ethan, Carmen, and a few others who looked and listened on with friendly smiles. =) I have to admit it was a little strange at first, but we quickly got into the music and it turned out to be really fun!

At the end of it, we were BUSHED.. BUT.. we stayed on to gorge on ice-cream, listen to the other talented bands, and watched our very own Zhong Ren aka BULLET-PROOF (yinky’s bro/ our beloved cellist) rock it out as he competed with other guitarists for the prize of a Gibson Les Paul. Well, he didn’t win it, but in our eyes, he was the CHAMP. =) I’d never seen Yinky so enthusiastic nor heard her scream louder. That was an awesome moment.

Anyway, we won $300 worth of vouchers and 5 Ben & Jerry’s T-shirts (all size S – American S, baby!) When we first found out about the prize, we’d already planned to treat orphans and street ladies to a buffet of ice-cream if we were to get in.  Now it’s possible! Yay!! So pumped.

Oh, here’s a review of Chunk Fest on Kevin’s blog.


We’ll upload photos and videos here soon! =) Courtesy of VANN whose company we greatly enjoyed! Especially a certain someone. *winks*

Peace, love and ice-cream,


A Weekend of Gigs!


Do you LOVE …

LIVE music?

the 70s?




If your answer is a resounding OUI, then you GOTTA come down to this year’s Ben & Jerry’s CHUNKFEST this SATURDAY!

If you haven’t already heard, Cove Red is one of the 7 bands selected to play at that udderly delicious event! We’ll be belting out tunes from 3.40pm – 4.10pm! The event itself is happening from 2pm to 10pm at Marina Barrage, so come on down if you’re free that day and revel in psychedelic oceans of ice-cream and music with us!  Come decked in retro hippie clothes to enter the priority queue! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! =P

Also happening this weekend is Cove Red @ Raffles City!

We’ve been invited to be a part of the Arts In The City at Raffles City mall! We’ll be playing outside Starbucks from 7pm – 7.30pm this FRIDAY evening! After our set, we’ll also be selling our “Awaken The Dreamer” EP. =) Catch ya there if you wanna support us/unwind at Starbucks after a long week..

We started practicing with our mega-talented friends last week. Hearing the layers of sounds with different textures coming together was glorious. The mighty thud of the djembe, gorgeous and rich sound of the cello, sweet tinkling of the keys, brightness of the acoustic guitars.. you get the idea.. Absolutely breathtaking. I cannot imagine a world without music. I guess, God couldn’t too, which is why this world abounds with melodies.

I love my “job”..



Hello Cove Red people,


Welcome to our NEW blog!

Look at the space here.. sooo much better than blogger which was a bugger.

Only pet peeve is that wordpress doesn’t support a c-box.

Oh well, doesn’t matter. If you wanna make yourself heard, just click on “leave a comment” at the bottom of each post and comment away! We’ll read it, we promise!

<3 Cove + Red