breaking the silence

hello everyone!

so sorry for the lack of updates we have not abandoned the blog (or the cause).. we took a short break around March to mend some issues (ow, but good in the end) and are just starting to get back into things. Red is still on a Copeland high. well, seeing that i have a huge backlog of gigs etc. to .. log, i’ll pick up all the way from where we left off. that would be.. sept ’09!


ok i know we already have a post on this but i just had to post this one of us and jack.. just because. from the time we co-wrote Taste of Life in 24 hrs for this event, we haven’t written anything new! writing songs is haaaarrrd.

@ matt/rach's fav teh pin place (amei)

i think this was after one of our practices. i don’t remember.. but it’s a great photo!

we’re still kinda waiting for the chunkfest CD (they recorded one song from each band ‘live’) + wondering if it’s still happening.. the ice cream vouchers we got, we had an awesome opportunity to donate them to a children’s home at the end of the year! was really stoked about it.

with the NoiseSingapore team @ Raffles City

whee! town area is def. one of my fav hangout places, so i was real happy to be here.. we did sarah, don’t lose heart, taste of life, heart convos, dreamer, love+water… thanks to cindy for this pic.

the waterfront @ esplanade

such a great privilege to perform at this picturesque venue again.. i think this was the gig we tried asking the audience “what’s your fav icecream flavor” and giving away free EP’s. Fun. The last time we were here in march’09, rach was with Noise and we did a full band thing with friends daniel + manson + matt..

"rach + friends"

eeleen + ian (not in this pic..) joined us on the 2nd day with their respective originals ‘open up’ and ‘somebody special’. actually i guess the 1st photo was taken on the same day since we’re wearing the same clothes… thanks dan, for the pics! more of his photo magic here.

whee! sept post done. thanks all who came out for these gigs + those rooting for us by mobile/wi-fi!

<3 Red


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