first quarter @ the durian

In jan esplanade invited us to play for something called the “sofa sessions”. we totally wanted to lug a big sofa on stage and act out dreamer live. here’s a nice lomo shot from our friend euphe.

@ the waterfront with soaps + matt

our good friend soaps came along to share the load on keys this time.. helped us change the sound up a little.

zoom out.

random: as i speak i’m watching a charliehallband live feed from their studio.. live chat (we type and they talk).. dude.. so fun!! there are just 30-40 pple on here so they generally respond to what you say.. ok back to the update.

for this batch of gigs we learnt a few covers: sara bareilles, chasing cars, falling slowly (glen hansard + marketa irglova), amie (damien rice). by this gig we’d stopped playing ‘mistakes’ for my fingers’ sake. we haven’t done it all year.. don’t remember the solo anymore…

oh yeah, i remember now.. jan was a pretty nutty month- we played for these espl gigs, RP’s open house and my friend eeky’s poolside wedding dinner four days in a row.. don’t really have pics for those..

cove red + tony

In feb we got to play at the espl concourse (thanks to yi lin for the shots)! it’s always been our preferred location given that the waterfront stage is actually a tad big for our setup.. we did sets with our percussionist friend daniel (and i can’t find pics with him in it.. boo hoo), and tony (who doubled up as guitarist too). so thankful to be able to work with these immensely talented guys.

baby grand was shiok

i got to use the baby grand too! gave me a new freedom to express and improvise at will — once i figured out the keys (Ab, Db, …). there’s only so much i can do on the guitar cuz of my limited training. on the other hand, being on a more versatile instrument (i.e. piano) makes me feel obligated to do more. pretty stressful too.

ok. so i think i completed the pre-copeland update.. and done stalking charliehallband on the live stream. g’nite! be back later today for the epic copeland update.

<3 Red


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