whee. post #2. took a break + learnt three future of forestry songs from Travel II.. great stuff with lyrics i really resonate with. hope to do a few of their Covers one day if Cove says ok.

ok Christmas season, gigs galore.. we added two carol remixes to our repertoire, and a cute song by tal & acacia called love’s gonna getcha.

christmasy dinner with umbrella-lights

here’s one at YWCA.. other performances included carols with the pipa o_o .. and a magic show..

another dinner gig we did had a lot of mainland chinese and we ended up doing a CHINESE song,  joke of the year. (in case you don’t know, both of us are really jia kantang (eat potato i.e. are twinkies). (the vid link is the cantonese version.. but of course we did the mandarin..)

we don’t have any decent shots of the two care corner gigs we did! basically they held an event for some low-income HDB families and had some musical/dance/skit performances, so we were part of the music. it’s so funny that we’ve gotten to play for such a wide range of audiences.. in this gig we had dialect-speaking aunties + uncles who prolly didn’t understand a word we sang..

our last gig of the year, we had this interesting gig opp at a flea market..

haji lane gig

the good thing about a non-themed gig during Christmas season was that we got to play both random (read: meaning-less but awesome) covers and the remixed carols (still can spread the ‘cheer’). we were playing in this little lane with hardly any space and it drizzled. but i kinda enjoyed the quirky rundown feel.. (thanks to meimei for the following photo..)

it was awesomely ghetto

whee ’09 updates done! thanks to those who invited us + all who enjoyed our music!

<3 Red


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