“a miracle, through & through”

backstage with the guys

what a treat of a lifetime.

ok let’s backtrack, for those of you who don’t know the story…

i still remember the moment in the car Cove sent me kevin mathews’ sms about *scape needing a opening acoustic act for copeland‘s singapore gig. bro was next to me. my eyes went wiiiide and showed him. “omg! omg! omg!” we went, half-stunned and laughing.

bro + friends (zhong, ian, matt) came over to my little non-soundproof studio that tuesday and we videoed taste of life at 11pm. can’t imagine the walls/ceiling were very thick and it’s a wonder no one came knocking on our door. matt went back to work @ faraway fusionopolis afterward : (

thanks to bro’s  genius, Cove formed this ridiculous FB group to promote the vid. a week later we were hard up against lovely zahidah (who i’d seen ‘live’ before + did like her sound a lot).. we were pretty much trailing and the day before nemesis i’d given up. haha. on the last day of voting tho, some mad friends of ours (you know who you are.. thanks from the bottom of our hearts) promoted us like siao + votes went crazy. it was a very, very close finish..


the day of. getting to chat a little with the guys esp. stephen (guitarist) and aaron (frontman) backstage was prolly the best part of the entire 2 days.. they were really down-to-earth, nice, and encouraging.

invading the dressing room (politely)

got them to sign next to their profiles. felt a bit bad that stephen + dean (bassist) weren’t even on this album and they had to sign on the cover instead.

bryan (i think) to aaron: "wow, you look so clean-shaven in this one"

they kept saying “we’re really looking forward to hearing your set”… we’re like huh.. it’s kinda the opposite..

dreamer + taste of life

here’s a great shot (thanks to ong jiankai) of our little 10-minute stint which was rather surreal. btw we went about 20km/h faster than usual. oh, nerves. #1 thought running through my head: “what am i doing here??” #2 thought: “wow, people are cheering?” Thanks for the support, everyone!!

watching the show backstage was a dream + i even felt compelled to kneel during brightest..??!! songs from beneath medicine tree like california and testing the strong ones resonated like old friends. here’s more from the copeland shows.. great footage with clear sound! thanks tjbanks..

i was introduced to beneath medicine tree around the time in motion came out, in 2005, lent to me by my rapper/drummer friend B. i held the former captive for so long that he had to finally bug me about it, and i admitted that i’d been hoping he wouldn’t notice… At that time i was finishing the toughest semester in my years of college (a math class i could barely decipher and a 12-minute string quartet thesis) and i would listen to the same 3 songs (brightest, testing, she changes) over + over + over again to de-stress while pulling all-nighters.

B, another two dear friends, and i spent the last week of my time in the States jamming copeland and recording silly (and serious) covers of theirs (gosh, i nearly forgot that myspace page still existed. copeland fans, pls don’t kill me after listening. lol). Interestingly, i found out that they came to my little college-town in 2007 less than a year after i’d left the country. anyway. no complaints.

i cried all the way from charlottesville to phoenix (a good 7 hours at least). i remember the two ladies on the plane next to me looking really worried for me and trying to give me tissue.. bless their hearts. lol. i only stopped crying when i started listening to the CDs i’d brought back (yeah, i had a discman back then..). among which were copeland’s of course. in the subsequent 6 months that i suffered reverse-homesickness, copeland always felt like home again.

all that came to mind, by the way, when i came across this blogpost on the TWLOHA website. the last para esp. moved me so much that it’s stayed in my head/heart for 2 weeks now. i mused that if my music would do this, i’d have no regrets whatsoever, pursuing what i am doing now. and so i remembered too, why i had that heart connection with copeland.

the man himself.

“B! i met the voice behind brightest!”

yup. to meet + talk with the person/personality behind the voice i loved.. was a big ‘revelation’. as if opening for the band wasn’t enough, as kevin‘s (rach’s mentor) ‘media escorts’… … we got to witness in person the next day, his interview with mr. marsh in the *scape office. incrediblyyyy grateful.

aaron + authorised "media"

@ the acoustic gig that same day, we got to hear the you are my sunshine album tracks in stripped-down, sweet, gorgeous-to-the-core form. totally loved it. i’m admittedly not a big fan of the 3rd + 4th albums’ sound, but just acoustic, is amazing. here are some more vids that i really like.

i could actually feel my heart hurting after the last encore at the *scape lab + thought i might cry. lol. it was like having to say goodbye to new friends. or old ones.. lined up for the signing table for one last bye. i told aaron i was soooo sad to see them go and gave him my ‘media’ tag with a long note written behind it. he looked so serious; i thought for a moment he might actually be worried for me. lol. then it just became too awkward and i kinda trailed off to meet bryan (guitar) who was next in line..


so that was it. two of the most amazing days of my life. THANKS again to all friends + supporters who made it possible!!!!!

it was your hello.. that kept me hanging on every word.

goodbye copeland. till we meet again.

<3 Red


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