the day we sang miley

we did a little gig at camp rainbow this morning. i was so glad for the chance to be around these precious kids.. typically overlooked + misunderstood. i was grateful for a place they could be free to be themselves, among new friends sharing a common understanding..

liked watching the inspiring staff + volunteers + this dance group that did funny kiddie-friendly circus-like dances in wetsuits. the kids singing if we hold on together set my eyes brimming with tears more than twice. not sure why. i guess i see them as heroes in their own right.

ooh, and i ran into my sec2-classmate-now-turned-doctor.. who calls me by my full name. really funny. hardly anyone ever does that anymore.




the summer approaches

i don’t really know what the summer has to do with gigs, but it seems like they’re all flooding in right around this time. here are some tidbits of what we have up our sleeves for this new season.. enjoy!

practice snippet #1: jonsi

practice snippet #2: future of forestry

newsong sneak preview

recording demos squish our brains