blogging is obviously not our forte..

well, actually, i (rach) suck at it more.

anyway, since yinky’s gone for the month (visiting family in the US. she’s an aunt!), i feel the need to revisit this space and do some housekeeping.

so what have we been up to.. let’s see..

  • 12th June: Opening performance for Stellar Memory’s EP Launch (with Daniel)
  • 4th July: Rock The Region at Esplanade Waterfront (with Zhong Ren and Daniel)
  • 18th July: Loudfest at Ngee Ann City (with Zhong Ren and Daniel)
  • Video shoot for “Mistakes” for Noise Singapore
  • Recording of “Taste of Life” for Noise’s SYOG compilation CD

so yeah,  it’s been quite a busy period for us, but totally fun, especially during the world cup season. We hurried through most practices just to zip to the nearest German bar opposite Yinky’s place in time to watch the matches! :)

oh and we bought some new instruments!! our beautiful rainbow-colored glockenspiel (currently unnamed) and “Thunderella” the thunder tube – the SPG (sound-producing gizmo) that doubles up as a great 80s’ snare! <3 these two babies made our 4th July gig such a blast! :) speaking of which, it really is the best cove red gig we’ve ever had so far. we got to use an electric guitar + weird alien sounds +thunderella and glock + we had a full band + we got to do some cool covers like “go do” by jonsi! after the gig, we met this egyptian guy called Eray who told us that the music we played made him feel good. :) whoopee!

we also met these two new “fans”, Jenny + Jake at LoudFest. they first heard us at our 4th July gig. Then while shopping at Ngee Ann City, they heard us during our sound check, and decided to check in at our gig that was 2+ hours later. it was such a joy meeting them. they were a really happy and enthusiastic couple! :) till we meet again!

ahh…we’re both so pleased that we FINALLY got “Taste of Life” properly recorded!! :) mucho gracias to our dear amigos, dan, zhong ren and ian for adding so much to our song! :) the song will be featured in Noise SG’s YOG compilation album. more details to come!

we also had to shoot this music video for Noise as part of YOG. We decided to use “Mistakes” since  it’s the most upbeat song in our “Awaken The Dreamer” EP.  we got attached to a few NTU film students, Eileen and Nelson (and 2 other friends whose names I don’t remember! yikes) who were really nice. the video called for a morning shoot. yinky and i, two nocturnal creatures, were summoned out of our beds and onto the streets of orchard at an unearthly 6.30am on a tuesday morning! thankfully, all went well, albeit with some minor hiccups, like rain and an unfriendly security guard at orchard central. we’ll let you guys have a look when it’s up! and huge thanks to the crew! you guys rocked. :)

here are some snapshots from various events. :)

stellar memory, for this cycle, daniel and us!

dan, zhong ren and us after our gig at Loudfest last sunday :)

august seems set to be another pretty crazy month! upon touching singaporean soil on 11th august, yinky and i will have to meet up to practice for the following shows!

  • 16th August – SYOG gig at *Scape
  • 21st August – gig at The Edge carnival (another SYOG event)
  • 23rd August and 29th August – Esplanade Concourse gig with Zhong Ren
  • 31st August (TBC) – Esplanade gig with Kevin and Narisa

phew. tired just thinking about it. :P haha..

for more updates, follow us on twitter (cove2red) or search for us on facebook!

till next time! :)



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