the summer approaches

i don’t really know what the summer has to do with gigs, but it seems like they’re all flooding in right around this time. here are some tidbits of what we have up our sleeves for this new season.. enjoy!

practice snippet #1: jonsi

practice snippet #2: future of forestry

newsong sneak preview

recording demos squish our brains


*scape prep

or is it “scape*”?

anywayy. rach has been invited to perform at the scape building (youth park, opp orchard cineleisure) this coming sat. i am ever so honored to be her partner-in-crime and incredibly psyched to play at orchard.. it’s like my fav part of singapore. hands down.

we pracd at starbucks united sq just now.. it takes like 3-4 hrs to figure out one song leh.. such terribly hard work.. i’ve never had to prac guitar so hard in my life.. honestly.. never before have i been pressed to acquire such fingerwork skill and control of this instrument.. the fretboard still confuses me (capo makes it even more confusing) n intervals on the violin are tons easier..
i’ve stagnated for years (why do u need to improve if all u are really ‘required’ to play every sunday is 6 chords in 5 keys [with tons of overlap.. being a math grad i shld prolly know how to work that out systematically but i shan’t try]?).
public gigs are a good thing. a real good thing.

i have yet to learn (it’s prolly somewhere on youtube) how to play jazz organ style on keys (which i totally faked during the espl gig episode).. and i guess bluegrass violin.

see you at *scape, or scape*, or *scape*…
<3 red